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Niger Military Officer Warns Bandit Kingpin Bello Turji: Stay Out of Niger Republic or Face Deadly Consequences | The Bureau Newspaper

A Lieutenant Colonel from the Niger Republic Army has issued a stern warning to notorious bandit leader, Bello Turji, advising him to stay away from Niger Republic. In a viral video, the officer stated that credible intelligence indicates Turji is enjoying protection from Nigerian authorities.

The officer, identified as a member of a military unit in Zandar State, responded to Turji’s mockery of the Nigerien military’s claim of arresting wanted terrorist Muhammadu Baleri, one of Turji’s commanders. He vowed that Turji’s reign of terror is coming to an end.

In the video, the officer addressed Turji directly: “Bello Turji, let me warn you. Niger is not like Nigeria. In Nigeria, you’re enjoying protection from the authorities; because in Nigeria, unlike here in Niger, troops require express permission and/or orders to shoot. Make no mistake, I swear by God it’s not really true that you’ve evaded arrest or killing, even in Nigeria.

“What’s happening there is a high-level conspiracy by the authorities to hurt the poor, especially those from the northern part.

“Niger is not Nigeria! If only you’re sensible you ought to have known that you cannot play this rubbish game with the Nigerien military. Let me repeat, I swear by the prophet, Muhammad and swear by God, Bello Turji you’re doing this because your government, the Nigerian government conspired against its citizens to allow your reign of terrorism. They protected you (from credible intelligence), you’re actually a nobody. Don’t mistake Niger to be like your country.

“In your own interest, avoid confrontation with the armed forces of Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso. I swear by the Quran if you mistakenly incursion into the territory of any of these listed countries you’ll scamper to leave; that is if you’re able to escape.

“I counsel you to restrict yourself to Nigeria, committing your atrocities, kidnapping innocent people for ransom, killing at will, while enjoying protection from the country’s military. The Nigerien military, we are patriotic, we don’t condone this type of treasonable felony against our country.”

This warning follows a report by SaharaReporters on May 29, 2024, detailing the arrest of Kachalla Baleri, a leader of a notorious bandit group. Baleri was apprehended by Niger Republic troops of Operation Faraoutar Bushiya at Rouga Kowa Gwani in the Guidan-Roumdji department on May 28.

The officer’s message underscores the differences in military protocols and the level of tolerance for banditry between Niger and Nigeria, emphasizing that Niger will not tolerate Turji’s activities within its borders.

(Sourced from [Sahara Reporters](https://www.saharareporters.com/2024/05/29/niger-military-officer-warns-bandit-kingpin-bello-turji-stay-out-niger-republic-or-face))

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