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Rivers Crisis: I Have Set Otapiapia To Kill Rat Eating Rivers – Fubara

Governor Sim Fubara of Rivers State has openly clarified that his ongoing conflict with the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, does not reflect a broader confrontation with the Federal Government. Addressing the public during the inauguration of the Aleto-Ebubu-Eteo road in the Eleme area, Governor Fubara distinguished his dispute with Minister Wike from his administration’s relationship with the federal authorities.

Fubara emphasized that the Federal Government has been supportive, but he likened his issue with Wike to a “rat” that disrupts the state’s governance. He humorously mentioned using “Otapiapia,” a local term for rat poison, to metaphorically handle the disruption caused by Wike, highlighting his intent to resolve the internal strife without it affecting the state’s overall operations and relationships.

The political tension between Governor Fubara and Minister Wike has notably impacted the state’s political landscape, affecting the legislative branch with defections and the emergence of factional speakers. Despite efforts, including presidential intervention to mediate the conflict, the issues remain unresolved.

Further escalating the situation, Governor Fubara has announced plans to set up a committee to investigate the financial management under Wike’s previous administration, particularly the debt accrued, indicating ongoing challenges in reconciling leadership within Rivers State.

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