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Tony Bellew RESPONDS To John Fury Threat, You Won't Believe What He Said

In a fiery exchange, Tony Bellew has unleashed a scathing response to John Fury’s recent threat. The tension between the two boxing figures escalated after John Fury, father of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, made a controversial remark during a press conference. John Fury stated, “Do you see Tony Bellew, he will get a headbutt like he’s just got,” following Tony Bellew’s prediction that Oleksandr Usyk would defeat Tyson Fury in their upcoming bout on May 18th. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tony Bellew Responds To John Fury’s Threat

Tony Bellew, a former world cruiserweight champion, did not hold back during his appearance on TalkSport, where he addressed John Fury’s comments with a barrage of pointed remarks. Bellew’s response began with a defiant tone, saying, “I don’t fear no man, mate, no man’s going to put it on me. Understand this, for every action there’s a reaction.”

John Fury HEADBUTTS member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team

Bellew expressed his disgust at John Fury’s behaviour, recounting a disturbing incident where John Fury headbutted a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team. “He felt the need to headbutt the small child from the whole group, which I found quite disturbing, to be honest,” Bellew remarked, highlighting the unacceptable nature of such actions in professional boxing.

The former cruiserweight world champion also criticized the lack of intervention from those around John Fury. “If my father behaved like that at a press conference, I would put him straight and tell him it’s embarrassing and it can’t be happening, mate. It’s a really bad look for boxing. I’m actually surprised it’s been allowed to go on and happen in a place where they are, to be honest, but it is what it is.”

Bellew Unleashes on John Fury’s Boxing Credibility

Bellew didn’t stop there. He went on to question John Fury’s credibility in boxing, emphasizing his own achievements in comparison. “I don’t need to call out John Fury, mate. I’ve achieved more within 60 seconds of my boxing career than John Fury ever achieved in his life. He could not even be spoken about in the same breath as me.”

He continued to dismantle Fury’s standing in the sport, stating, “Just because something shot out of your nuts and became one of the greatest heavyweights in this world does not mean you can validate your opinion on every other fighter possible.”

Bellew then referenced John Fury’s own career, noting, “You have not got the first clue or idea what it’s like to be a championship-minded fighter. You got your ass absolutely handed to you off Henry Akinwande. Now get a grip of yourself.”

A Respectful Nod to the Fury Family

Despite his harsh words for John Fury, Bellew made a point to distinguish between John and the rest of the Fury family. “I’ve met his uncle Peter, who’s one of the most honourable gentlemen you’ll ever meet. Peter Fury is a brilliant, lovely fella. I’ve met his brother Shane and his other brothers, and I’ve found them all as proper honourable gentlemen. When I’ve met John in person, I found John as an honourable gentleman.”

Tony Bellew’s Final Thoughts

In closing, Bellew reiterated his stance on the upcoming fight and his role as a commentator. “I’ve got no reason to bad mouth anyone. I’m simply making a prediction of I think Oleksandr Usyk will win. Okay, now what’s your big problem with that, I don’t know, but it is what it is.”

Bellew underscored his experience and knowledge in the sport, adding, “I don’t really care much. That’s my opinion, it’s one I’m paid to give, and if I’m being brutally honest, I know I’ve forgot more than he actually knows about boxing. I could write down everything he knows about boxing on the back of a first-class stamp and still have room for the Lord’s Prayer.”

In a humorous yet confident conclusion, Bellew dismissed any physical threat from John Fury, stating, “Unless he learns massive amounts of Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling tomorrow, then I have no fears whatsoever. Because unless someone knows those couple of disciplines, I’m in trouble. If you don’t know those disciplines, then guess what, mate, it’s fair game, and I couldn’t give a crap.”

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