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Woherem Discusses The Place Of Technology In Human, Earth’s Evolution – Independent Newspaper Nigeria

Dr. Evans Woherem, an award-winning African technology researcher, author, analyst, and writer has been looking at the evolutionary stages in human life and how these have shaped human interaction with the cosmos, hinting at a future of human-universe unity.

In an article published on his website,, the technology promoter, and futurist noted that since its formation 4.5 billion years ago, planet Earth has undergone a remarkable developmental transformation marked by a series of milestones, each one propelling humanity further into the realm of complexity and consciousness.

“This remarkable story of transformation, narrated primarily from the vantage point of groundbreaking scientific insights spanning stardust, living organisms, technology, and even quantum consciousness, serves as a testament to the enduring resilience of life and the boundless human spirit.

“Our progress in understanding the universe, the human brain, and consciousness has brought us to the cusp of a new era of quantum consciousness, where artificial intelligence and quantum computers challenge our perceptions of reality,” he said.

In the 21-page article titled: “A Cosmic Dance: From Stardust to Singularity,” Woherem took a holistic look at the remarkable pattern the developmental milestones that have shaped the history of the planet have taken.

According to him, “Since the formation of the Earth, the pace of development has accelerated, with each milestone marking a significant leap forward in complexity and consciousness. This accelerating pace presents an ever-decreasing circle of development and a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop where advancements in one area fuel progress in others.

“The evolution of human thought has paralleled our technological advancements. As we progressed from the concrete to the abstract, science and technology emerged as powerful tools for understanding and manipulating the world around us. These tools have enabled us to explore the vastness of the universe, delve into the intricacies of the human brain, and even contemplate the nature of consciousness itself.”

Woherem, erstwhile Executive director at both First Bank of Nigeria and Unity Bank averred that the relentless pursuit of knowledge seems to be guiding humanity towards a new era of quantum consciousness, where the boundaries between the physical and the abstract blur.

He opined that the concept of technological singularity, the hypothetical moment when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence coupled with the emergence of quantum computers, raises profound questions about humanity’s future and the quantum nature of consciousness.

“Our journey has taken us from the physical world to life, to civilization, to technology, to artificial intelligence, and now to quantum computers. This path seems to be leading us into the uncharted territory of the unknown. From the inanimate to the quantum, from physical existence to consciousness, this journey is a testament to the Earth’s extraordinary capacity for transformation and the human spirit’s boundless quest for understanding,” he said.

Woherem, who also mentors young Startups, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs posits that as humanity stands at the threshold of a future filled with challenges and immense potential, the developmental milestones discussed in this article serve as a reminder of the remarkable journey that has brought humanity to where we are today. 

On the challenges and ethical considerations in the Information Age, the technology expert noted that the Information Age brings with it new problems, adding that its technological advances have transformed every element of existence even as he cautioned that the widespread access to information and AI needs serious ethical concerns. 

“As we look to the future, with possibilities like “Quansciousness” on the horizon, ethical use of technology will be critical. Navigating this unfamiliar terrain necessitates a reflection on our prior experiences, ensuring that our technological advancement stays sustainable and ethical,” he cautioned.

He observed that the Information Age has ushered in a new era of digital connectivity and globalization with Artificial intelligence, big data, and other transformative technologies further accelerating this transformation, redefining interactions with the world, and shaping a future characterized by unprecedented automation, personalization, and efficiency. 

“As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future, it is important to remember that humanity is capable of great things. We have overcome many challenges in the past, and we can do so again,” Woherem further said.

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