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Helen Love returns with Stay With Me

Perennial Welsh cult-icons Helen Love return with with Northern Soul-Honouring new single Stay With Me 

released via Alcopop! Records to stream and download

Their first release of 2024, Stay With Me, promises to serve as a taste of a larger body of material scheduled for later this year from the always prolific songwriter, with further announcements to over the coming months.

The single comes with a video made by the artist too which I can imagine it playing during a 1970’s kids show, like if Double Deckers had a musical interlude. Commenting on the track, Love says: “I’ve always loved Northern Soul music, and I’m always buying compilation albums and finding great lost 45s that are just incredible. I think listening to so much of it recently has influenced the writing of this song, and although I could never be as good as those genius writers and singers, I am kinda satisfied that ‘Stay With Me’ has that vibe. Anyway, it’s Spring, the flowers are growing, the cherry blossoms are out and it’s the kind of song I’d like to hear popping out of the radio on a sunny May morning!”

As she continues into her third decade of making music, frontwoman Helen Love is undoubtedly now a Indie-Pop institution with 31 singles, 3 EPs and 10 studio albums under her belt.

First releasing records back in 1992, through a career that has undulated from Love and Glitter to Hot Days and Musik she has persevered, thrived, and reached new generations of fans all over the world. with each new offering. Writing an increasingly rich and deep catalogue of bubblegum disco DIY club anthems with no signs of slowing down, she’s now sharing the limelight with her daughter aka Femmebug, born during the course of Love’s own songwriting career.

Stay With Me is the first new material since 2022’s critically-acclaimed 10th album This is My World, which revealed a rare introspective and reflective side of her songwriting that looked towards the future and examines the inexorable march of time that eventually comes to all young punk rockers…

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Watch This! – Helen Love returns with new single Stay With Me



All words by Iain Key. See his author profile here or find him on X (Twitter) as @iainkey

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