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Normani’s ‘Dopamine’ Album: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Tracks

Normani’s debut album ‘Dopamine’ is finally here.

Six years in the making, the project has endured everything from personal hurdles to delays to pivots in sound. Yet, the end product has undoubtedly delivered.

Cohesive, eclectic, and assured, the LP cements Normani as an artist for whom quality is her central engine.

Since its landing, we’ve had the album on repeat and it more than lives up to its billing of giving us a rush.

Join us below as we tally That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Tracks From Normani’s ‘Dopamine’…

All Yours

Scintillating, steamy, and hypnotic, this arresting anthem makes no apologies for its sensual agenda. Deliciously infectious, it marries Normani’s clear slow jam mainstay with bop-able production.

For those, like us, who appreciate the star’s penchant for slow cuts but have been thirsting for tempo, this delivers in earnest by sitting at the perfect intersection of both.


Take My Time

From the moment the beat drops, this bouncy anthem grips the listener and directs straight to the dancefloor.

An explosion of euphoric bliss, this easily serves as the track packing the most international appeal.

In many ways, its title is emblematic of the exact approach Normani harnessed to cultivate such a strong body of work.


Candy Paint

Teased for an extended spell, this sweet treat does not disappoint. Pulsating production is paired with swagger-drenched delivery and the end result is a song that tastes so good we keep coming back for more.


Little Secrets

A sonic standout, nothing on the project mirrors the sound of this uniquely molded cut. With its staccato production, breathy delivery, and lush layers, there is so much on offer here. Indeed, each play presents a new element that intrigues.

Serving as the LP’s penultimate track, it may well be the set’s best-kept secret.


Wild Side

While doing the pre-release press rounds for ’Dopamine,’ Normani relayed how this Cardi B-assisted cut set the sonic tone for the record at large – and oh was she on the mark.

Already a favorite here at TGJ, this exquisite jam may close out the album but more than anything serves as the heartbeat that powers the body of work at large.


Do you agree with our list? What are your favorite tracks from ‘Dopamine’?

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