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Q&A with emerging alt-pop sensation I'MMORTAL – PLAYY.

We sat down with alt-pop artist I’MMORTAL, who recently debuted her third single, ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’, through her label, Immortality, on June 7th. Blending genres and talents as a producer, vocalist, visual artist, and creative director based in New York and London, I’MMORTAL entered the digital scene in August 2023 with ‘Versace Spaceship’, followed by ‘Supervillain’ in October, gaining recognition from CLASH Magazine and Earmilk. Despite being a newcomer, she’s experienced a surge in streams and monthly listeners, with her first two singles accumulating 50K streams. ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’, produced by I’MMORTAL with contributions from Danis Zhang and Duanna, was mixed and mastered by Mikaelin “Blue” Bluespruce. Hailing from California, I’MMORTAL’s upbringing in orchestras and theater shaped her musical journey, influenced by EDM’s basslines and her audio-visual synesthesia. Her visual work often explores themes of identity, femininity, and the juxtaposition of nature and technology. Drawing inspiration from artists like Sevdaliza, Britney Spears, and SOPHIE, her sound appeals to fans of avant-pop icons and EDM artists such as Alison Wonderland and Deadmau5.


Stream ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ while you read our interview with I’MMORTAL below.



Set the tone for us. Why the arts?

Art is a great outlet to express myself, and I have a passion for the world-building aspect of it. Coming from a theater background, I have an appreciation for all of the intricate details (set design, music, costumes) that go into creating other worlds. When done right, it’s like alchemy. I would love to approach music and music videos with the goal of world-building in mind.


Which comes first when you’re producing – the sound or the idea?

The idea usually comes first for me. I get a cool idea for a title or concept of a track. I created the hook first from that initial idea, which usually becomes the chorus. The track then expands from the hook/chorus.


Does your material feature any collaborations? 

My track features additional production by Danis Zhang and additional drum programming by Duanna.


What’s on your current playlist?

One song on repeat right now is ‘Meet Me In The Club’ by AIROD. It’s a techno-trance track, and it is inspiring me to make more club music!


What techniques do you experiment with to get your original sound?

I’ve been spending more time learning sound design. I’ve recently been playing around with wavetable synthesis, which allows for yummy gliding textural sonic elements that sound more alive.


Take us through a day in the recording studio.

I record in my bedroom, and I always record in the middle of the night. I find that recording at night helps me relax and get into character for the vocals.


Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “this is what I want to do”?

When I made the switch-up part in the middle of ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’, I knew that this is what I want to do. It reflected my artistry so much, and was just something I tried when I was bored and playing around with the song. Working on this track taught me to let go of expectations and to just let my tracks be unique.


Any emerging artists on your radar?

There’s an artist in NYC named CyberFairy who did a killer remix of ‘Follow the Cyborg’ by Miss Grit.


What gets your creative juices flowing?

Listening to other people’s music gets my creative juices flowing. I can listen to music for hours on end, and I love to listen for little ear candy moments in the production for inspiration. I tend to listen to long DJ sets also to get my creative juices flowing.


Take us through your collection of gear, tech or software that accompanies your creative expression.

I always use Sylenth1 and Serum for sound design and production. Recently, I’ve been getting into using Pigments by Arturia for sound design. I like dragging my own samples into Pigments and then playing around with the different effects and filters.


Any side projects you’re working on?

I am currently working on dance pop tracks I hope to release later in the year.


How have you refined your craft since you entered the industry?

Every track I’ve made has helped me grow immensely as a producer. I’m still discovering my own sound, and I like to hop around different genres. However, I think every track has a sonic element I discovered from making the previous track.


Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you this year?

I’ll be releasing a music video for ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ towards the end of June. It’s a really exciting performance-based video directed by the amazing 3D artists PXKRW.


Famous last words?

I’m mortal 🙂




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