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Video Premiere: The Makers Out –Emerald Fireflies

The Makers Out is a musical project born in the tall grass prairie of America’s heartland. Their debut Album, BLOODLINES/HOPE (out on 14th June), “..is about ancestral reverence and integration, land honouring, flower culture, indigenous European and American music, landscapes, death, rebirth, and shocking colourful textures of sound and light,” says project leader Scott Bell (vocals, lyrics, guitar).

For this new project, Bell has assembled an impressive supporting cast that includes John Fulbright (Turnpike Troubadours), Jake Lynn (Boland and the Stragglers), Chris Combs (COMBSY), Mat Maxwell (Luke Combs), Kendal Osborne (Closet Studios), and many more, to create a dreamy, cinematic Americana soundscape that feels at once delicate and immersive.

We have the pleasure of premiering their music video for Emerald Fireflies, a rose-coloured journey through bygone eras, evoking the essence of summer with its choice of film stock, vintage lenses, colour grading, and gauzy footage. 

Shot on location in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma, the film unfolds like a dream, blending psychedelic elements of nature with moments of subtle unease, enhancing the relief and tranquillity of the primary scenes. 

The film and the song celebrate the freedom found in simple joys like riding a bicycle and swimming in suburban pools while also exploring the untamed beauty of nature beyond the thresholds of the manicured lawns of the suburban dream. Along the young protagonist’s journey, they even encounter the “eternal garage band” found in every neighbourhood in America over the last 60 years, reflecting the passage of time and the transition into adulthood along the ever-rolling American highway.

River Rhoades, the young actor who portrays the protagonist, has since made waves in Hollywood, notably appearing as Leonardo DiCaprio’s son in Martin Scorsese’s epic ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’. 

BLOODLINES/HOPE (out on 14th June)

-Physical Preorder: https://www.themakersout.com/merch/p/preorder-bloodlineshope-cd
-Digital Preorder: https://www.themakersout.com/merch/p/preorer-bloodlineshope-digital-download 

More here: https://www.themakersout.com/

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