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Wytch Pycknyck Album Review

Wytch Pycknyck: Wytch PycknyckWytch

Property Of The Lost Records

Vinyl | CD | DL available here

Released 21st June

Wytch Pycknyck: Wytch Pycknyck – Album Review

Hastings psych stone rockers Wytch Pycknyck lay down their debut album with a grand entrance that takes you on a journey into sound and space with a twist of metal madness. Wayne AF Carey reviews…

Try spelling that when you’re pissed then! Which Picnic? Joking aside, this fun riot of a band release a debut that takes the piss and also gets serious on your arse when it feels like it. A mad blend of rock metal rap psych that flirts with genres and rocks like fuck. First track Rawkuss just bangs in with attitude, flirting with Gizzard, Hawkwind and ACDC in one pot, even with the crazy metal guitar solo and screaming vocals which even bring Cabbage to mind. Creepin Jesus starts off like a slow building Mudhoney track then lets rip into some serious fast paced garage psych that blows the lid off the neighbours bins with fast as fuck drums and some insane riffing throughout. A smasher that fades out like an old Seventies track.

Magikal Revenge slows the pace down a little bit, then picks up with some nice bass and drums, layered with psych guitar and the raspy voice of Malt Jones coming across like Liam Maher from Flowered Up on coke and 40 B&H. It’s that mental, especially with the metal solos seeping throughout. Gravity Lies comes in slow and psych with a moody bass line and some futuristic spoken word straight from a sci fi movie. It builds slowly and has touches of The Mars Volta sparkling throughout, especially when the chunky riff bangs in to blow your wig off before slowing down again. Think Black Hole Sun on mushrooms. It closes with a rumbling bass and a mad wig out in the last minute and explodes and sputters out before you know it.

Fire Breathing Dragon is a top as fuck grunge number with a massive Geordie like riff teaming up with Pantera for a nu metal party. It’s a seven and a half minute banger that rocks with the rolls and punches high on the solo meter. After two minutes it goes all weird psych again with some gloomy synth from Ewan Fitzgerald before a slow doom riff from Bonj (not Jovi) slowly rises with some clever drums from Sam Davies who sounds like he knows his way around his kit. Malt sounds like someones stubbed a cig out on his arse at this point and is cursing the burn. It sounds great. It’s a tune that dabbles with everything and a sound of four mad bastards having a laugh. The guitar attack in the outro is brutal as fuck.

Columbo No.5 is a two and half minute belter with a top bass line, screaming riff and vocals, hand clapping, the works. It’s a top piece of garage that our Nathan Whittle would definitely play on his show. Lovely and loud! I don’t really know what to make of closing track Frostbite. I’d call it hip hop psychedelia, the rap isn’t actually that bad. It’s not gangster and it’s not trying to be masculine, it’s an attempt at rap venturing into psychedelia that goes all kraut rock for the last three minutes with a bit of speeded up Hawkwind wigging out for the finale, which in my opinion goes in the direction of Rage Against The Machine for a moment.

It’s a bold debut from the Hasting lads that goes in all directions and has the sound of the kids having a party and a riot with different genres. Who knows where they’ll go next? I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them…

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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