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British hostage ‘killed in Gaza’ just hours after video of him was released

Hamas has claimed that a British-born hostage died from wounds he sustained in an Israeli air strike a month ago.

The announcement came less than three hours after a video was released showing British-Israeli Nadav Popplewell, 51, alive.

The British-born man was bruised and had an injury to his right in the footage, where he gave his name and age.

The stomach-turning 11-second clip ended with ominous music and a question mark.

Three hours later the barbaric terrorist organisation put out a new video, claiming that Nadav, originally from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was injured in an IDF airstrike in April. They claim those injuries eventually resulted in his death.

At present, the cause of Nadav’s death has not been independently confirmed.

The terrorists’ sick video showed cartoon blood dripping down the face of the Nadav, under the caption: “military pressure = failure and death”.

Later, Al Qassam spokesperson Abu Obaida claimed that Nadav “died of wounds he sustained after Zionist fighter jets targeted his place of detention over a month ago”.

A spokesperson for The Hostages and Missing Families Forum, a group representing the hostage families, said: “Every sign of life received from the hostages held by Hamas is another cry of distress to the Israeli government and its leaders.

“We don’t have a moment to spare! You must strive to implement a deal that will bring them all back today – the living to rehabilitation and the murdered to burial.”

Roi Popplewell, 54, Nadav’s brother and a father-of-two, was shot and killed outside his house during the October 7 attacks.

In January 2024, Nadav’s sister, 46-year-old mother-of-three Ayelet Svatitzky, told MailOnline that their mother “won’t survive” if she has to bury another son.

She told the publication: “My mum needs to see her son [Nadav] again and I want to see my brother again. My mother is very strong but I worry she will not survive burying another son.

“She cannot start recovering from her trauma until Nadav is home and safe.”

According to the Israeli government, 132 hostages remain in Gaza, including women and children.

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