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Keir Starmer faces three tests on if he has ‘surrendered’ to Angela Rayner

Sir Keir Starmer faces three tests on whether he has “surrendered” to Angela Rayner and trade unions over proposed new laws on workers’ rights, according to the Tories.

Labour insisted it is fully committed to its New Deal for Working People, which is being spearheaded by deputy leader Ms Rayner, following a meeting with affiliated trade unions today.

But the Conservatives set out three tests for Sir Keir over the workers’ rights package including if he will drop Labour’s commitment to reverse the Trade Union Act 2016 and Minimum Service Legislation.

The second test is on if the Labour leader will ditch his party’s plan for stronger employment rights from day one of a new job.

And the third is on if Sir Keir will abandon Labour’s commitment to ban zero-hours contracts.

Tory Chairman Richard Holden said: “Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party have three tests to pass to prove they are on the side of the British people.

“If Sir Keir does not pass these tests, he will have surrendered to Angela Rayer and the union barons with their new-French style laws which will cost jobs and damage the economy.

“It doesn’t matter how many businesses warn about the risks of his policies, Sir Keir Starmer is in the pocket of his union paymasters.

“Only Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives will stick to the plan to strengthen the economy with inflation down from 11.1 percent to 3.2 percent, the economy growing, a record number of businesses registered this year, wages growing for the 10th consecutive month and £900 back in the pockets of the average worker meaning more security for working people.”

It comes after reports suggested Sir Keir’s party was set to water down elements of the deal.

But in a joint statement following the meeting on Tuesday, Labour and its affiliated trade unions sought to portray a united front over the policy.

The statement from the Labour Party and TULO (Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation) said: “Labour and the affiliated unions had a constructive discussion today.

“Together we have reiterated Labour’s full commitment to the New Deal for Working People, as agreed in July.

“We will continue to work together at pace on how a Labour Government would implement it in legislation.”

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