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Loved Watching Big Boys? Well, There’s An Exciting New Update About Its Future

Whether you’ve been hooked on the Channel 4 sitcom Big Boys since its debut or you’ve only recently discovered it on Netflix, we’ve got some news we think you’re going to love.

On Thursday afternoon, the broadcaster announced the award-winning comedy will be back for a third season next year.

Rumours first emerged earlier this week about a potential third series, but creator and writer Jack Rooke initially played them down, claiming on X (formerly Twitter) that he had a few demands he wanted met first.

Well, Channel 4 has now joked that “following a few compromises”, they’ve “sealed the deal” and Big Boys will, indeed, be back for a third run in 2025.

Let’s hope this means that they’ve also caved on that Popworld reboot Jack was gunning for…

Jack enthused: “It’s been 10 years since I actually graduated uni and now yet again I’m returning to my campus with a clapperboard and film crew to recreate the embarrassing endeavours of my youth. It is just a dream job!

“The response to series two has been beautiful and we’re so grateful this show continues to connect with and get discovered by so many weird and wonderful viewers. Big Boys is the closest I’ll ever feel to being in a girl band and we’re all desperate to come back like a pack of rabid dogs and put on a sexy, cringey, big funny show for you all!”

Big Boys’ first two seasons are currently available to watch on Channel 4’s catch-up service.

The first series was also recently added to Netflix, and is currently the platform’s 10th most-watched show in the UK.

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