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POLL: Do you think the Tories can still win the General Election?

Rishi Sunak is said to be “despondent” following the backlash to his decision to leave the D-Day ceremonies in Normandy early on Thursday.

The timing of the gaffe couldn’t be worse, with his party trailing badly in the polls.

According to most pollsters, the Tories are around 20 percent behind Labour. Sir Keir Starmer‘s party are polling in the mid-40s, while the Conservatives are laguishing in the low-20s, by most estimates. However, YouGov poll from June 5 had Rishi Sunak‘s party on 19 percent.

Following the announcement from Nigel Farage that he intended to run for Clacton and took the leadership of Reform UK, the party has, according to YouGov, come within two points of the governing party.

Reform UK, the pollster said, was on 17 points, with the Tories on 19 points.

The Liberal Democrats meanwhile are on 10 percent, according to the BBC, with the Greens on 6 percent.

Depending on which polls you read, the Conservatives could win between 71 seats – a virtual total wipeout – and 180 seats, nevertheless a poor showing.

But can Rishi Sunak turn things around? Have your say in our poll.

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