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Putin And Xi Have Denied The Obvious With A Strange Take On Russia’s Relationship With China

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have revealed that they apparently share a rather unusual view on Russia and China’s place in the world.

The Russian president is currently on a rare two-day state visit to Beijing to visit one of his few remaining allies after his illegal invasion of Ukraine, Xi.

According to the Russian state news agency, TASS, Putin began his trip by claiming relations between Moscow and Beijing “are not opportunistic and are not directed against anyone”.

While this year marks the 75th anniversary of positive relations between the two countries, there’s no doubt that this “bond” deepened after Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022.

Beijing supplies Moscow with essential equipment used to build weapons, while also buying enough Russian fossil fuels to keep the economy afloat amid Western sanctions.

China stops short of offering actual weapons or ammunition though, so as to dodge the West’s ire.

However, Putin did not mention any of this transactional relationship – in public, at least.

Instead, he said: “Our cooperation in world affairs today serves as one of the main stabilising factors in the international arena.”

Putin continued: “Together, we uphold the principles of justice and a democratic world order that reflects multipolar realities and is based on international law.”

Similarly, Chinese outlet Xinhua reported that the Xi said their close cooperation helped maintain positive global stability and promote greater democracy.

“China and Russia defend a world order based on international law,” Xi said.

An international arrest warrant is actually out against Putin right now over for the illegal deportation and transfer of children during the Ukraine war.

This move prompted the leader of a group seeking independence for the Uyghur people from China to request a similar warrant for Xi.

The Chinese leader has also faced international condemnation for the suppression of protests in Hong Kong.

Putin was just re-elected for his fifth term in office in a sham election, after he eliminated all feasible opposition – and China is known as a one-party state.

However, both leaders claim to be figures of harmony.

Referring to Xi as “my dear friend”, Putin said: “We are determined to further harmonise integration processes in the Eurasian space.”

The Russian president also thanked his Chinese counterpart for his efforts to “regulate the situation” in Ukraine, referring to Beijing’s 12-point plan to end the Ukraine war.

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