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These Are The Foods That Make You Have Very Vivid Dreams, According To An Expert

Have you ever woken up from a dream and thought ”… so, what was that?”

Of course you have, who hasn’t? In fact, according to the experts at The Sleep Foundation: “Having vivid dreams every now and then—especially in times of high stress or emotional upheaval—is nothing to worry about.”

Your dreams can be impacted by mental health, stress, or even changes in environment but according to the experts at Dreams, it may actually be down to the foods that you’re eating.

Dreams Sleep Expert Sammy Margo explained to us the exact foods that can trigger vivid dreams.

The foods that cause vivid dreams

Fermented foods

Margo explained: “Fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha are rich in probiotics that promote gut health

“These foods may lead to more vivid dreams by affecting gut microbiota, which has a proven connection to brain function and mood via the gut-brain axis, a well-documented pathway through which the stomach communicates directly with the brain.”

Ancient grains and superfoods

Incorporating ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, or teff into diets can provide health benefits but according to Margo, they can also influence dream content.

Margo said: “These nutrients may influence dream content through their effects on overall health and vitality, possibly enhancing the vividness and complexity of dream narratives.

Traditional dream-inducing foods

Margo pointed out that traditional sleep aids can be effective, too. She said: “Some cultures believe in the power of traditional foods to enhance dreaming or induce prophetic dreams.

“For example, consuming mugwort tea or certain wild herbs in certain Indigenous cultures is thought to facilitate dream recall and spiritual insights, showing a profound cultural appreciation for the links between diet and dreams.”

Psychedelic foods:

Margo said: “Morning glory seeds, nutmeg or certain mushrooms have historically been used for their hallucinogenic effects.

“Consuming these may profoundly alter consciousness and perception and may lead to intensely vivid or surreal dream experiences, mirroring the effects these substances have on waking consciousness.”

Finally, Margo added: “Experiencing dreams so vividly can encompass benefits like emotional processing, memory consolidation, self-understanding, and creativity, yet can be accompanied by drawbacks such as emotional stress and potential impacts on sleep quality and overall health.

“Their effects can thus oscillate between beneficial and detrimental, contingent upon the circumstances and context of their occurrence.”

If you are frequently experiencing vivid or disturbing dreams, speak to your GP.

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