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UK tourists boycott Spain and warn ‘be careful what you wish for’ after protests

UK holidaymakers are threatening to snub Spain following anti-tourism protests, with a stern warning: “Be careful what you wish for.”

Brits have flooded social media with their reactions after thousands of Canary Islands and Balearic locals took to the streets to protest against the soaring cost of living and housing shortages.

One irate British tourist pointed out on social media that tourism is the lifeblood of these islands, especially after 15,000 people rallied in Majorca, demanding that British visitors “go home” and “stay out” “The island earns most of its income from tourism,” the Brit emphasised. “They should be careful what they wish for,”.

Another chimed in: “What other income have these tourist areas got? Tourism is the main income.”

Meanwhile, another suggested a boycott: “Stop going to Spain for 12 months and they will be begging us to come back… Many British tourist spots would appreciate our patronage far more.”, reports Birmingham Live.

A different voice highlighted the extent of the local frustration: “Yesterday evening, Palma city centre ground to a standstill as thousands of residents from all over Mallorca protested about the complete saturation of the island not just from the pressures of tourism, but the catastrophic property situation. This means many local people can no longer afford to live here.”

Another person said: “The video is out now on the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel. I want to make it clear this is not just about tourism. It’s a wider issue.”

Yet, one commenter retorted: “Tourists go home is a pretty clear statement wider issue or not.

“I have saved for over a year for my September holiday this year.

“It is the first holiday I’ve had since 2016. I just don’t want to spend my time and money somewhere that neither are wanted. If I had the option I would cancel the holiday and go elsewhere. I certainly won’t be back after this year. I can spend my money anywhere and Spanish residents can deal with their wider issues as they see fit.”

“Tourists go home is a very inflammatory statement, for someone who comes over twice a year, saving hard earned money for the opportunity, should I look elsewhere for future holidays? “

Another asked. “Can you explain what the wider issue is? I know rental prices are crazy what are the other issues?”

Another questioned: “As someone who has been a ‘tourist’ for 20 plus years up to 4 x a year and spends in local bars, restaurants and not all inclusive it all comes across as pretty aggressive and inflammatory If the tourists do go home or don’t come how will a lot of these businesses survive?”

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