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Dodds: 'Labour's manifesto is a fully funded vision, while the Tories offer a Christmas tree of desperate gimmicks' – LabourList

This morning Rishi Sunak stood up at Silverstone and effectively declared that after 14 years of chaos and failure, he thinks the Tories deserve five years more.

This has been a desperate campaign from Rishi Sunak, right from the moment he stood in the pouring rain to call the election. Just last week he was caught lying to the public about Labour’s plans, accepting millions in donations from Frank Hester, and embarrassed Britain on the world stage with his D-day debacle.

Rishi Sunak’s manifesto is a hodgepodge of gimmicks

There is the National Service gimmick, which the army doesn’t want. The Rwanda gimmick, throwing more money after bad on a scheme that will make no difference to the criminal gangs and their vile trade in human lives.

And empty promises on tax, from the man who has let the tax burden rise to the highest level in 70 years.

And there are endless uncosted pledges, not least their ambition to scrap national insurance altogether. Liz Truss crashed the economy with unfunded tax cuts. Today’s desperate set of unfunded announcements totals a whopping £71bn over a parliament.

We know where this fantasy economics take us. Higher interest rates, higher mortgages. If this wish list were ever to be fulfilled it would mean £4,800 more for your mortgage.

This manifesto is a package of measures for which the money simply isn’t there. These promises aren’t worth the 76 pages they are written on.

See the contrast between Tory vacuity and Labour’s energy

There are no measures in the Tory manifesto to meet the challenges that face Britain. Later this week, you’ll be able to see the contrast between the Tories’ vacuity and Labour’s energy and determination to change our country.

Rather than a Christmas tree of pledges for which the money isn’t there, Labour’s manifesto is fully funded. It’s the product of years of work and input from people across our party, movement and beyond.

Our manifesto will set out how we will deliver Keir’s five missions – meeting the challenges that face our country and setting up Britain for a decade of national renewal.

It will show how we will deliver economic stability and get Britain building, so we can finally unleash the potential of our economy rather than the anaemic growth we’ve seen under the Conservatives.

It will set out our plans for thousands more operations and procedures in our NHS, and meaningful reform to make our health service fit for the future.

It will set out our plans to make our streets safe, halving knife crime and violence against women and girls.

It will set out our plans for clean energy by 2030- cutting bills and delivering energy security with Great British Energy.

Only Labour has the energy, the ideas and the vision for the future that’s needed to turn our country around. And today’s wish list of pipe-dreams from a Tory party that has failed, shows that contrast more clearly than ever.

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