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Education Secretary mocked for embarrassing election campaign blunder

Gillian Keegan had the unfortunate case of turning up to a campaign event, 24 hours early

Gillian Keegan added to the Tories’ growing list of election campaign blunders, after she went to launch the campaign of a local Conservative candidate, only to find out she had arrived 24 hours early. 

Undeterred, the Education Secretary got a picture taken by the local paper in the place where the launch was due to take place outside Winchester Catherdral, with just herself. 

Keegan had planned to show her support for Flick Drummond, the Tory candidate for Winchester, at the launch event of her campaign scheduled for 2:30 pm on Tuesday, June 4. 

According to the Hampshire Chronicle, which was there to report on the false start, Keegan shrugged it off and went on to declare her support for the Tory candidate. 

One social media user described it like a scene from The Thick of It.

The X user wrote: “This is so funny. Tory minister Gillian Keegan went to Winchester to launch the campaign of the local Conservative candidate, only to realize she showed up 24 hours early, so the local paper just took a photo of her. The Thick of It is a documentary.”

Another said: “14 years of not being able to organise a …. Drinks event in a brewery…”

Others took the opportunity to quote back to Keegan the line she was caught saying after a TV interview, when she declared that nobody had praised her for doing a “fucking good job”.

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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