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Labour Director of Public Health Wales is Convicted Felon

Labour Director of Public Health Wales is Convicted Felon


The Labour Party in Wales isn’t exactly a shining example of efficient and clean government. The First Minister Vaughan Gething lost a vote of no confidence after being mired in scandal over dodgy donations and a sudden sacking of minister Hannah Blythyn over alleged Covid Inquiry leaks. It appears the dodgy background of Welsh Labour personnel doesn’t stop there…

In September, Labour appointed Jim McManus to be their National Director of Health and Wellbeing, Public Health Wales. Jim has a quite the colourful past, having been sentenced to jail 25 years ago. A LifeSite investigation shows Jim was sentenced to 21 months in jail in 1999 after being convicted of 11 counts of theft against Northern Counties Trust, a HIV/AIDS charity he reportedly helped to found. He stole £15,000 from the charity, and the judge at the time branded his defence as a “tissue of lies,” and there were “no redeeming features” to his case…

A Welsh Conservative Senedd spokesperson tells Guido:

“Considering the recent news regarding the First Minister’s acceptance of £200,000 from a man whose company has twice been convicted of environmental crimes, it is unsurprising that the Welsh Labour Government’s lack of due diligence appears to be a recurring theme.”

Another example of Labour assiduousness and integrity…

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