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Our top ten picks of the week | Conservative Home

Rayner says Labour will deliver beautiful homes – but is it even prepared to make them legal?

Henry Hill

“Overall, under the current rules, to build Create Streets (again, lovely) townscapes would, according to one expert, need “a listed building exception” and “permission from the local heritage officer”.”

Will the Tories come third?

William Atkinson

“The loss of Michael Gove and almost 80 other current MPs promises a future parliamentary party denuded of experience and talent, whatever the election result.”

Vox pub: The Liberal Democrats take the lead in Berkhamsted

Andrew Gimson

“I am Conservative,” he added in an uncertain tone, “but they just seem a bit desperate at the moment.”

Amid the gloomy polls, is there any hope for Sunak?

Patrick English

“Only the slightest variation in polling figures – or the slightest of error in the model projections – could suddenly see the Conservatives jump from 140 seats to 195.”

Farage is a peddler of fantasy politics – and well-adapted to our TikTok age

Daniel Hannan

“No one cares that Reform’s new leader was ruling himself out as recently as a week ago. Voters neither expect nor reward consistency.”

Tax breaks for the under-30s, and senior service for the retired. The manifesto we should have offered.

David Willetts

“These proposals aren’t going to happen. They seem far-fetched. That tells us something about our assumptions about the different generations and what we can expect of them.”

Watson helped to smear a D-Day hero – and Starmer gave him a peerage

K Harvey Proctor

“This decision reveals a disturbing preference for cronyism and a complete lack of sound judgment and empathy.”

My election survey finds 2019 Conservative voters back national service and the ‘quadruple lock’

Lord Ashcroft

“Tories who say they don’t know or won’t vote on 4 July said they preferred Sunak to Starmer by 26% per cent to 8 per cent, with 67 per cent saying “don’t know”.”

It’s time for our Party to stop looking to the past for answers – and embrace Millennial leadership

Charlotte Salomon

“While the right flank of British conservatism is largely united on matters of immigration, culture, education, and welfare, the hunt for an answer to big economic questions will carry on for the months and years to come.”

Conservatives cannot just trot out ‘Labour’s Tax Bombshell’ irrespective of their own tax-hiking record

Henry Hill

“Politicians have always spun their messaging, of course. But has there ever been a point previously where the rhetoric and the policy were so divorced from each other?”

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