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Party Members Calling to Deselect Holden

Party Members Calling to Deselect Holden


Tory Party Chair Richard Holden’s troubles aren’t going away. Party members are calling to deselect Holden from standing in Basildon and Billericay. According to Party rules, if 10% of an Association’s members send in letters of no confidence, an emergency Special General Meeting could be called to boot out Holden. There are usually around 200 members, so it could be that just 19 more signatures are needed…

One Tory candidate tells Guido:

“The goings on with the Chairman over the past week in relation to selections have been deeply shocking. Understandably it has savaged the bond of trust that should exist between the Chairman and members and candidates. My own view is that the damage cannot be repaired. For once he needs to not be entirely self absorbed and self interested and do the honourable thing. However out of character that is for such an underhand schemer.”

It would be very awkward for the Party Chair if the number was hit…

The following letter is being sent from members to the Association Chairman:

Dear Chairman,

I am writing to request an immediate emergency Special General Meeting to consider the following motion:

“That this meeting of members of the Basildon and Billericay Conservative Association does not confirm the selection and adoption of Richard Holden as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Basildon and Billericay Constituency.”
I can confirm the above motion uses wording similar to that used by CCHQ themselves for a similar motion that members voted upon elsewhere, proving that the motion is valid and that the precedence of a confirmatory vote of members has been set.

I believe we should immediately start the process of selecting a new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

Yours sincerely, XXXXX

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