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Socialist Health Association warns Labour under-funding risks NHS ‘decline’ – LabourList

Labour’s caution on tax hikes and borrowing “condemns the NHS to continued fragmentation and decline,”, the party’s affiliated health group has warned.

The Socialist Health Association (SHA) has also voiced concerns about a ‘lack of detail’ in the Labour manifesto on health, but praised some aspects of the policy document.

Labour’s manifesto pledges on health included doubling the number of cancer scanners, training thousands more GPs and midwives and 40,000 more appointments per week to cut waiting times.

Keir Starmer said in his speech launching the manifesto: “We don’t have a magic wand. But what we do have – what this manifesto represents, is a credible long-term plan.

“A plan built on stable foundations, with clear first steps, tough spending rules that will keep taxes and inflation low. NHS waiting times cut – with 40,000 extra appointments every week.”

But an SHA spokesperson said: “The NHS needs investment. There is no way around it. The refusal to raise taxes or borrow combined with the continued commitment to outsourcing condemns the NHS to continued fragmentation and decline.

“It seems from recent research that a high percentage of outsourcing and PFI contracts are due to end during the next five years. We need a commitment to bring this back in house.”

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The SHA spoke more positively about many of the specific policies in the manifesto, including the pledges to bring down waiting lists, bring in new state-of-the-art scanners, and public health measures to stem rates of smoking, obesity and gambling.

However, other pledges were more luke-warmly received – such as recruiting 8,500 new staff over five years to treat mental health problems in children and adults, which was described as a “very modest proposal”.

They added: “The manifesto is not detailed and is, at times, unclear: is the NHS just a commissioning organisation or is it the provider of healthcare?

“If it buys services from private providers there will be less healthcare to go around because they will take a cut for shareholder profit and they will need to use largely NHS trained staff.

“And we know that the use of outsourced services deepens inequalities.”

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Chief executive of The King’s Fund Sarah Woolnough also sounded a note of caution.

She said: “New stats released just this morning show the waiting list for planned NHS care has increased on the previous month and now stands at 7.6 million.

“Long waits for care have been brought down before, but it takes time. Labour’s aim to clear the backlog within five years will take real effort and absolute focus, and may mean the big, transformational reforms set out in this manifesto such as healthcare closer to home will be slower to realise.”

Labour was not immediately available for comment.

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