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Tory Candidate Standing in Imaginary Seat

Tory Candidate Standing in Imaginary Seat


Ashley Fox, former Tory leader in the European Parliament from 2014 to 2019 and now a prospective parliamentary candidate, is gearing up for the general election – whenever that may be. He has a well-manicured website displaying his latest news and pledges to his constituent hopefuls. The only problem is: the seat he says he’s standing for doesn’t exist. There are marginal seats and there are imaginary seats…

Plastered on the main page is “Ashley Fox for Bridgwater and Burnham”, above the words: “I’m Ashley and I’m standing to be your Conservative Member of Parliament for Bridgwater and Burnham”. Unfortunately for Ashley, that’s not the name of any seat. There is a seat in the upcoming election called “Bridgwater”. Bridgwater was a seat until 2010, when it was replaced by Bridgwater and West Somerset – it is now returning to its original name. At least the Tories might win this one…

UPDATE:  A co-conspirator gets in touch to point out that his Labour opponent is using the same naming convention.

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