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Tory MPs Furious Over Will Tanner Seat Snooping

Tory MPs Furious Over Will Tanner Seat Snooping


Last month Guido spotted Will Tanner, the PM’s Deputy Chief of Staff and founder of centrist Tory think tank Onward, snooping around Tory safe seats in Essex. Now it’s been reported that Tanner was a guest speaker at a meeting of Stratford Conservatives yesterday. Michael Crick is saying “Tanner is clearly keen to replace Zahawi” in the Tory safe seat

Tanner’s antics have sparked outrage among many Tory MPs. They’re furious at the idea that “wet” Tanner could be popped into a rare safe seat. One tells Guido:

“So we all get to lose our seats and Tanner has a run at one of the safest in Stratford? He’s been a big part of the problem and we’ve all found him a nightmare to deal with under Rishi. On crime, on the boats, on legal migration he’s dragged his feet over and over again. It’s rotten and cannot be right”.

Another Tory MP says:

“Normally, outgoing PMs wait until the resignation honours list and stick them in the Lords. Tanner is a well known wet and I’m not sure those of us colleagues left after the election will rush to welcome him too warmly.”

Looks like Tanner is planning to stay in politics after the predicted Tory wipeout…

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