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Exclusive: Most Voters Back Labour’s ‘Great British Energy’ Plan – But Don’t Think It Will Cut Bills

Most voters back Labour’s plans for a nationalised energy company – even though they don’t believe it will cut their bills.

Polling by the More in Common think-tank, seen by HuffPost UK, shows that nearly two-thirds of the public – 63% – back the party’s flagship “Great British Energy” policy.

Labour has said the new publicly-owned body will reduce bills and boost energy security by making the UK less reliant on foreign imports.

However, the poll of 2,055 British adults shows that the 67% believe it will either increase or have no effect on how much they pay for their gas and electricity, with just 33% thinking it will bring them down.

Meanwhile, nearly half (45%) think it will lead to higher taxes, compared to 40% who think it will have no effect and 15% who think it will reduce them.

Luke Tryl, executive director of More in Common, said: “What’s interesting about support for Labour’s flagship GB Energy policy is that it’s not just Labour voters who like it – those voting for other parties also say it’s a good idea.

“This doesn’t seem driven by self-interest as most don’t expect it to decrease bills and many think taxes will go up to pay for it.

“Yet, to most, GB Energy sounds like something worth doing – whether or not they trust politicians to see it through.”

A Labour source told HuffPost UK: “The popularity of Great British Energy shows that the British people are fed up fourteen years of failed Conservative energy policy, which has seen bills rocket for families our energy supply vulnerable to dictators like Putin.

“The case for Great British Energy is clear – homegrown clean power that the British people own and benefit from, so we can cut bills and make our country energy independent.”

A Conservative Party spokesperson said: “Labour can’t even decide what GB Energy is. Keir Starmer has said it won’t produce any energy, but Ed Miliband has said it will. Keir Starmer said it’s not a company but Ed Miliband says it is.

“The policy of decarbonising the entire energy grid by 2030 is completely undeliverable without huge bill increases and/or blackouts.”

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