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Our top ten picks of the week | Conservative Home

It is no good trying to ‘unite the right’ until we have answered the crucial question – around what?

Henry Hill

“It might be more comfortable for MPs to focus on the need to win votes to their right, but the cold truth is that the overwhelming majority of losses next month will be to Labour and the Liberal Democrats.”

Conservatives should seek the common ground, not the centre ground

Harry Phibbs

“It’s true that Labour has tended to do worse when pushing extreme socialist policies. But have the Conservatives won electoral advantage by shifting to the middle?”

Just five years on from 2019, and Brexit is seems scarcely to warrant a mention in this election campaign

Dr Sarah Ingham

“Instead of acknowledging the achievement, the Government is treating Brexit like an unwanted gift given by an embarrassing relation, best hidden away in the back of a cupboard and forgotten about.”

Don’t Knows, not Reform switchers, are the Tories’ best hope of avoiding a wipe-out

John Oxley

“Voters who have already made a conscious decision to switch, whether to the left or the right, are hard to bring back on side. People, as a rule, don’t like changing their position.”

Bubble-based observers may under-estimate the slow cut-through even of big stories

Dr Patrick English

“While keen observers of the election campaign were already talking non-stop about the prime minister’s decision to leave France early all weekend, this simply was not the case for the majority of Brits.”

For the sake of the next generation, the Conservatives must pledge to regulate dating apps

Miles Bassett

“Conservatives must question whether, from a civilisational perspective, it’s morally right that a small number of US tech firms are gatekeeping the satisfaction of some of our most intimate needs.”

Three lessons from history on how powerful conservative parties can die

Adrian Lee

“On each occasion, the Party returned to government after a stint in Opposition. However, Reform’s leadership says that things are different now”

Vox pub: Drinkers in Dumfries, exasperated by all the main parties, have not yet decided who to support

Andrew Gimson

“Tories who say they don’t know or won’t vote on 4 July said they preferred Sunak to Starmer by 26% per cent to 8 per cent, with 67 per cent saying “don’t know”.”

Farage’s return changes the game for the Conservatives – but not for Reform UK

Chris Hopkins

“We should all remember that for all his talents and vocal support base, he is still a divisive figure across the country. When Savanta did some snap polling following Farage’s original announcement, it suggested a broadly unfussed public.”

On paper, Sunak just committed to doing to London what Hausmann did to Paris. Should we believe it?

Henry Hill

“If you take them at face value, there’s a hugely exciting story to be told about many of the proposals in the manifesto. But it wasn’t the story the Party itself chose to try and tell yesterday.”

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